Skillful Touch Massage

Skillful Touch Massage is a form of bodywork developed at the Rolf® Institute to prepare students in the tactile and professional skills needed for the later practice of Rolfing®. It involves the deep, slow and sensitive application on techniques, tools and movements which contact and effect specific body tissue layers and structures.

How Skillful Touch feels has been explained in different ways. Mostly people feel a pleasurable tingling as the muscle lengthens and the circulation improves. A bit of discomfort is felt on very tight muscles, but this decreases as the muscle releases. Some people use Skillful Touch as an intro to Rolfing and some use it as maintenance after Rolfing. And still others use Skillful Touch to relax, de-stress and maintain their flexibility and well-being.

Skillful Touch does not attempt to treat nor diagnose somatic conditions. Its therapeutic effects arise from its emphasis on heightened perception and somatic awareness. Skillful Touch's therapeutic benefits include relaxation, greater range of movement and flexibility, and increased body awareness.

Signature Four Ha

nds Massage

Our Signature Four Hands Massage has two practitioners giving you a Skillful Touch Massage using hot oil. This is a unique massage that can really put you in "the zone"�.

Hot Oil ST Massage

Add a warmed oil to the Skillful Touch techniques and you have a great massage. Relax while tension and tightness are being worked out of your muscles. (This is one practitioner giving you the massage as opposed to two practitioners in our Signature massage.)

We encourage our clients to have a complimentary session in the infra-red sauna before the treatment. Plan on spending nearly two hours for your appointment.


Skillful Touch Massage                      70 min.         $  70

Signature Four Hands Massage           60 min.         $120

Hot Oil ST Massage                           70 min.         $  70

Sue received Skillful Touch Massage certification from the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado, in 2000. Attending workshops to enhance her work is ongoing.