Because It Works!

    That's our slogan at Four Hands Body Renewal.

    Many of our clients show up here saying they

    can't take the shoulder, neck, leg, hip or back pain

    anymore. They tell us they've tried it all and nothing

    worked. A friend told them to try us out...can we

    relieve muscle or nerve pain?

    Well we sure try hard, so much so that in the

    16 years we have been in business our clients

    have been able to gain enough trust in our

    abilities that whole families are now coming to us.

    We are gaining new clients all the time from the

    best advertising  - word of mouth - and long

    term clients continually pop in for tune-ups

    because they love the work and they never

    fail to tell us

Because It Works!

    Some people think we do Deep Tissue Massage, Back

    Pain Massage and Neck Massage in our Pain

    Management work but it is much more than that! The

    therapeutic benefits from working on tight tissue in a

    structured process is what Rolfing® is known for.

    We also will work with Doctors, Chiropractors,

    Acupuncturists, Physiotherapists, R.M.T.s and other            healthcare practitioners if needed to enhance the

    well-being of the clients that come to us.



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