Pre- and Perinatal Massage

A stable semi-reclining position
helps mom relax into the massage.

Maternity massage therapy and bodywork is a wonderful service for the amazing year of pregnancy and new baby.

Different techniques are used for the changes you go through in each trimester of your pregnancy, each stage of your labour, and in those transition days after you have your new baby.

So many benefits result from natal massage. This nurturing skilled touch provides stress reduction, relaxation, emotional support and education to the mother; less anxiety, less pain, fewer complications throughout the pregnancy and labour; helps skin conditions; reduces muscle and skeletal pain; provides labour preparation; helps with post-partum recovery; and also helps to foster normal growth in the fetus.

This is one way to promote a loving supportive atmosphere for the mother, participation in the experience by the whole family, and focus on healthy, growing, calm babies.

Flushing the arms and legs help                     Lots of moms get that between                Neck and shoulders are usually sore
alleviate swelling that usually                         -the-shoulders pain.                                 areas as well.
occurs in the Third Trimester.

Pre- and Perinatal Massage                      60 min.         $ 80

Sue went to the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations in Seattle, WA, to be trained in the Carole Osborne method of Pre- & Perinatal Massage Therapy in 2011.